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Altina Sansgria (250ml x 4 cans)


The perfect blend of vibrant Native Australian Forestberry, earthy roasted Wattleseed and crisp Apple. A light and refreshing finish with the lingering warmth of cayenne and dry Green Tea. Built from botanicals, with no de-alcoholised wine.

Le Blanc Pairs Perfectly with oysters, prawns, crudités, sushi, fried canapes, prosciutto ham, smoked cheeses, rich salads like niçoise and fried potatoes.


Filtered water, infusion of Apple and organic Green Tea, natural extract of Native Forestberry and roasted Wattleseed, natural extract of organic Cayenne Pepper, citric acid (acidity regulator), potassium sorbate. Allergens: capsaicin.


The perfect blend of de-alcoholised Shiraz, Native Australian Riberry and lively citrus notes. A complex and refreshing finish with a hint of spice and vanilla notes.

Sansgria Pairs Perfectly with tapas dishes such as croquettes, olives,  calamari,  Manchego cheese or robust flavours such as chargrilled vegetables or a BBQ’d steak.


De-alcoholised wine from Shiraz Grapes, filtered water, natural botanical extracts and flavours, preservatives (220,202), citric acid, tartaric acid.

Allergens: sulphites, capsaicin.


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