Altina Sansgria (250ml x 4 cans)


The perfect blend of vibrant Native Australian Forestberry, earthy roasted Wattleseed and crisp Apple. A light and refreshing finish with the lingering warmth of cayenne and dry Green Tea. Built from botanicals, with no de-alcoholised wine.


The perfect blend of de-alcoholised Shiraz, Native Australian Riberry and lively citrus notes. A complex and refreshing finish with a hint of spice and vanilla notes.

Sansgria Pairs Perfectly with tapas dishes such as croquettes, olives,  calamari,  Manchego cheese or robust flavours such as chargrilled vegetables or a BBQ’d steak.


De-alcoholised wine from Shiraz Grapes, filtered water, natural botanical extracts and flavours, preservatives (220,202), citric acid, tartaric acid.

Allergens: sulphites, capsaicin.


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